The Firebird's Plume

The Firebird's Plume is an open-for-everyone, comfortable
little bar and event space, situated in the Empyreum.

    You can find us on the Light Datacenter, Lich World, Empyreum: Ward 24, Plot 38 starting once more on May 6th!




    Vaeril Inaris

    As an adventurer turned Bodyguard, Vaeril has seen his fair share of action and adventure. He at some point decided to create a place for anyone and everyone to relax after a hard says work, a place they could belong to even if they don't have a place to call home. After his passion project went up in flames in the Goblet, he wouldn't give up and instead rebuilt and improved the Plume in the cold streets of the Empyreum.


    Aleeria Thornhill

    After travelling the lands of Eorzea as an adventurer and sword-for-hire, the swing of her axe eventually pulled Aleeria into the Plume.
    Charmed by the cosy atmosphere and delicious drinks, she decided to stay for good and become part of the staff. Now she is alluring the customers with her swift service and loveable attitude.
    Despite acting cold and distant, she certainly has a heart of gold.


    Caroline Hunter

    Caroline Hunter, having been able to finally hire a personal assistant for her work at the family business has taken up the position as the chef of the new Plume. The hunting trips, numerous times cooking outside, and travelling to different places has made her familiar with many ingredients and recipes. Looking for a way to test her skills, and spend time with her passions, she is excited to get to work at the Plume!


    Lydja Kysana

    Lydja is a tribal hunter turned Bloodsands gladiator, then turned bouncy security of The Firebird's Plume. Beyond this she seems reluctant to elaborate much upon her past. This muscular giant of a vieran woman, while perhaps intimidating at first, will quickly prove to be possessed with a fun loving and flirtatious nature. Lydja is a very smart person. She can count up to ten, a fact she is most proud of. We do not however recommend making her angry, definitely not!


    - The Firebird's Plume offers a cozy retreat for anyone who just wants to kick back and relax. Feel free to grab a table with your companions or take a seat at the counter and meet new folks.
    - The Restaurant can be found on the upper floor, where our chefs will make sure to cook you up a delicious meal.
    - The Event Floor will also be used to host the various upcoming events, including concerts, gambling nights, dance balls and much more! Please stay up to date through our discord and watch out for our announcements!


    Status Tags

    General RP

    Plume Staff

    New to RP / Please approach me.

    • The Plume is a purely SFW venue, absolutely no ERP-content allowed.

    • Mature topics are fine, as long as they're not overly descriptive.

    • Please keep public chat in English.

    • No tolerance for racism, sexism, homo-/transphobia or any other bigotry.

    • Try to keep the regular chat in RP, put OOC-things in brackets.

    • Please avoid using yell/shout chat, which will be reserved for staff.

    • No OOC-Drama in the venue.

    • Weapons may be carried, but not drawn. Armor is fine.

    • Please refrain from using spells or skills indoors.

    • Respect the staff and your fellow roleplayers.

    • Please desummon your minions to keep the bar tidy.

    If you have any feedback or issues at the venue,
    please direct them straight to Vaeril or on Discord @Wafu#6969





    ● Ale● Cider● Beer● Noscean Red/White/Rosé Wine● Lemonade● Fruit Juice (Apple, Orange, Plum, Fig, Grape)● Tea (Fruit, Green, Ishgardian)● Coffee● Hot Chocolate● Water

    50 Gil60 Gil50 Gil60 Gil40 Gil60 Gil60 Gil50 Gil50 GilFree


    ● The Firebird:                  Tequila, Cinnamon, Cherry, and Dragon or Blood Pepper90 Gil
    ● Cloudy Coblyn:               Whiskey, Coffee, Sugar, Whipped Cream90 Gil
    ● Sandstorm:                  Tequila with Cinnamon and Gold-Flakes90 Gil
    ● Cactuar Sunrise:              Tequila, Grenadine, Orange Liquor, Lemon Juice80 Gil
    ● Prideful Rainbow:              Rolanberry, Sun Lemon, Mirror Apple, Apricot, Noscean Orange, Royal Grapes, Pixie Plum, Vodka100 Gil
    ● Morbol Mojito:               Fermented Melon Liquor, Lemonade, Cherry80 Gil
    ● Danse Macabre:                Noscean Red Wine, Blood Orange   100 Gil
    ● Lady's Lament:                 Sake, Cherry, Galago Mint, Pomegranate, Lemon, Club Soda100 Gil
    ● Rusty Rivet:                Bourbon Whiskey, Banana Liquor, Coffee, Whipped Cream, Dark Chocolate100 Gil
    ● Fashionista:                Vodka, Noscean Rosé Wine, Chopped Frozen Rolanberries120 Gil
    ● Clair de Lune:                 Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Champagne, Melon and Purple Carrot Juice140 Gil


    -Main Dishes-

    ● Hunter's Picnic:                 Popoto Salad with Cold Smoky Elk Bites110 Gil
    ● Toast Empyreum:                Shrimp Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Fresh Dill100 Gil
    ● Traveler's Treat:                 Ovim Meatballs and Mashed Popotoes in Lingonberry Sauce120 Gil
    ● Soul Soup:                  Beetroot Soup with Sausage and fresh Bread   90 Gil
    ● Caroline's Crepes:               Freshly cooked Crepes with Ham and Cheese100 Gil
    ● Firebird's Feast:                Platter of Sausages, Chicken Bites and Pickled Kale, seasoned with different types of steaming Baked Popotoes and Sour Cream for balance. Served with a side of refreshing Lime & Passion Fruit Salad180 Gil


    ● Vaeril's Crepes:                 Freshly cooked Crepes with Strawberries and Cream100 Gil
    ● Dream of Snow:                 Small Mountain of various kinds of Ice Cream110 Gil
    ● Shiva's Touch:                 Shaved Ice with various kinds of Syrup   100 Gil


    - Popoto Chips

    - Dark Pretzels

    - Salted Nuts

    - Biscuits

    Snacks are free to anyone who orders a drink (within reason).